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Directory Links

When you are building links you have various options. One of them is to submit your website to web directories. The way you do this is the following:

  • You have a huge list of web directories.
  • You visit each directory from list
  • For each directory, you search for the category best-fitted for your website
  • Once you are in the proper category, you click the Submit/Add url link
  • You fill all the empty fields with the submission details

As you can see, first of all you must have the submission details. Submission details are the carefully chosen details such as your site title, the site description, and the keywords.

Why do I see carefully?

Some web directory owners will refuse your submission if you don’t take your time and make a porper description or if you don’t take your time to choose the best title/keywords for your site. There are certain rules that you must obey when coming up with the above details.

For example: The description must be properly written. You are not allowed to stuff keywords in it. It must make sense and it must be a proper description about your site. Most web directories require a 300 character minimum description.

The title mustn’t be to short nor to big. Same for the keywords. Don’t use too many keywords. We recommend to use 5 keywords max.

Now go cracking and submit to that directory list. Just register over at and you’ll get access to a 1000 directory list. You don’t need to buy anything. Just manually open each link in a new tab and do the steps we described above. Or buy the $10 service that 4DL is offering ( Their automatic directory submitter is the best! )