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New sites and directory submissions as a promotion method

Like many others you might have decided to make a website from passion or just to market a product or service.  Building a site isn’t easy at all and having it, is even harder. Before you even thought of having a site, you paid for hosting, you even paid for a domain name.  If you are not an expert web designer, chances are you paid a whole lot on your web site design.
After all this, you would expect to have a successful website, but things are not working as you hoped they would. As web statistics will show, your website won’t get much traffic for a while. Don’t be so shocked to see your website not getting any traffic at all. This is normal for new sites. You need to promote your website using various methods.
Link building campaigns are the base of these methods. There are lots of promotion methods available but one of the most accessible one  (that often gives great results) is doing directory submissions. Not only that directory submissions will result in incoming one-way links pointing to your website, but there is an added bonus: directory submissions will provide targeted traffic. You will probably notice right away that directory submissions take a little while to complete. The directory submission process will take a lot of time to complete. At first it might not seem like much but multiply the time it takes to submit your website to one web directory by a thousand and you’ll get the big picture.
Thus, when doing manual directory submissions it is of vital importance to submit to the top directories first. You will get to see results faster this way. Web directories can be grouped by page rank, alexa or by the number of incoming backlinks. Higher the page rank the better it is (OR the higher the number of incoming links the better it is, OR the lower the alexa number the better it is). Your task is to put together a  list of web directories where you want to submit your website to. All it remains now is to keep submitting to them. Be careful not to submit to more than 15 – 25 directories a day as search engines often penalize link building campaigns that result in a high number of incoming links each day.